Joe Walsh Analog Man

Joe Walsh says his twenty year break between solo albums can be traced back to two events in 1994: the Eagles' decision to get back to work and release Hell Freezes Over, and his own decision to get sober.

In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Walsh said that after the Hell Freezes Over tour, he never gained momentum at starting a solo record. "I also decided that it was time to get sober," he said. "I had to reinvent and start from scratch and learn to do everything sober – that took a lot of time. It opened up a whole life and a way of looking at things. I was able to get healthy again and I wanted to go check that out and see what it was all about."

But now Walsh is back as a solo artist with a new album, Analog Man, and a new way of working. "The last album I made was on recording tape and there were knobs; now there is a mouse," he said. "Those of us who were analog guys had to make some adjustments with this new technology." The title track refers to the digital world and the disconnect people experience when they begin to live a large amount of their time online. "There are people who are texting and they smash into the car in front of them because they didn’t look up. There are people who are trying to do things in both worlds and it doesn’t work too well."

Analog Man is released on June 5 by Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group.