Joe Walsh Analog Man

Joe Walsh has revealed that the James Gang is not only “alive and well,” but that the legendary trio will likely tour small venues in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking to M – Music & Musicians, the guitarist said, “I went to Cleveland and saw [drummer] Jimmy [Fox] and [bassist] Dale [Peters], and we played some together. It’s great; we can still do it. The James Gang is alive and well. The first little window I get from my current project, and the Eagles, we’ll probably go out as a three-piece. At some point we’ll go out and play some small places. I don’t think we should have a ‘comeback’ tour and I don’t think we should try to fill 10,000-seat places. But in House of Blues and Hard Rock Café venues – those types of places – I think we would do great.”

Walsh is currently on a solo tour in support of his latest album, Analog Man. Click here to read’s recent feature interview.