Janes Addiction

Jane’s Addiction plan to hit the notepads for a new album as soon as they wrap up the current round of touring in support of their latest, The Great Escape Artist.

Vocalist Perry Farrell tells LocalBozo.com the band is already planning the writing phase for the next record. “I’d like to give it a six-month window and just get another Jane’s record out, coming off the heels of The Great Escape Artist,” Farrell said. “I think that’s the way to do it for us. I don’t think we’ll wait eight years to do another record.”

Farrell went on to say that after 2003’s Strays, the band had no intention of recording another album. “We didn’t plan on getting back together,” he said. “We had broken up. That was part of the reason that we took so long, but these days, the best thing that an artist can do or a group can do is stay busy and stay on the trail. And that’s what our plan is.”

Farrell also dropped the tantalizing teaser that the Lollapalooza festival – which he founded as a farewell festival for Jane’s Addiction’s first breakup back in 1991 – will soon announce another new location. The festival returns to Grant Park in Chicago on the weekend of August 3 and there’s a South American version too, in Chile and Brazil. “We’re just about to announce yet another location where we’re going to be putting Lollapalooza up next year,” Farrell said. “So now we’re going to be in four locations, and staying on top of the meetings and who’s available and that’s a bit of a challenge.”