Guitar legend James Burton, best known for his years backing Elvis Presley, will be inducted into the Delta Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, September 10. The Delta Music Hall of Fame honors rock ‘n’ roll and blues musicians from the Mississippi River Delta area.

Burton, who devotes much of this time to his foundation, is also working on an autobiography. He talked to about the project.

“I’m doing a book – my life story. There’s so many things that I could write about. I could do a whole book on Elvis and a whole book on Ricky [Nelson]. But I’m going to get my story out there and I think everyone is going to enjoy it.”

Burton also talked about his longstanding friendship with Rolling Stone Keith Richards:

“Yeah, Keith and I go back to 1964 – Shindig! I had a group called the Shindogs. Keith and The Rolling Stones came and they brought a singer that was on the show – Howlin’ Wolf – and I was nominated to play guitar for Howlin’ Wolf on the show. It was great.”

“Keith and I have been friends forever,” he continued. “He has been wonderful and has helped us with the foundation in all kinds of ways – like making donations. He’s a very busy person; one of his goals and one of my goals is to play together on my show – the show we do here, the guitar festival. Of course, Keith and I have worked together on the Gram Parsons taping that we did up in Santa Barbara and in Universal City in California there. We’ve played together, so it was an incredible honor to have him induct me into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Burton likes to keep current with music and movies and is keen to make a recommendation:

“There’s a little girl out there, Christina Aguilera, she is fantastic! I’m tellin’ ya, it’s unbelievable the things that she can do. My wife and I watched her movie that’s out with Cher (Burlesque). Oh! You gotta see it, oh man! That little girl – she can perform. She can get up there with the best and top of the line. She can lead the show. She’s just an amazing singer! I won’t say much about [the movie], but you do need to see that, if you can!”