Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz was in London earlier this week to give a keynote speech to delegates at the annual Social Media World Forum.

Juszkiewicz gave a speech to an attentive audience of social media enthusiasts entitled “Social Media Secrets From The Entertainment World – Shocking But True.” He spoke in depth about building a sustainable and valued relationship with fans around the world through progressive engagement, as well as accumulating and maintaining a loyal fan base. He referred to Elvis Presley and Harley-Davidson as great examples of this.

Henry Juszkiewicz’s keynote was followed by a group panel discussion on social media measuring and monitoring, where he said: “There is a ton of numbers you can gather and report, but these can be more confusing than they are useful. Get qualitative data as well. Talk to your consumers and get their input, then use this to feed back into all areas of your business. Improve customer care, product development, marketing campaigns, everything, based on the feedback you get.” Juszkiewicz also noted that when engaging with social followers, negative feedback is not always a bad thing. "I will look at the intensity of the response as a measure of success even if the response is negative,” he said.

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Photo Credit – Angus Thomas