Rick Springfield

The Foo Fighters have recorded a new song with Rick Springfield for a forthcoming documentary being made by the Foo’s Dave Grohl. Speaking to Billboard, Springfield said “The Man Who Never Was” was written and recorded for Grohl’s film about the legendary recording studio, Sound City. "It was a great experience to get together with those guys 'cause they're great musicians and I love their writing,” Springfield said. “And to actually write a song with them was fun.” Springfield added that he’s looking forward to seeing the end result of Grohl’s work on the documentary. "Dave's one of those guys with a deep musical history and really knows what happened [at Sound City]," Springfield says. "It's going to be big. He's got all these grand ideas, and he's got the power now to do that kind of stuff. I think it's a great idea."

Springfield’s latest album, Songs for the End of the World, was released yesterday (Oct. 9).