Extreme are preparing to begin work on their next album, their first since 2008 reunion CD Saudades De Rock.

In a posting on the band’s official forum recently, guitarist Nuno Bettencourt announced that he’d been working on plenty of new material, and that his bandmates – vocalist Gary Cherone, bass player Pat Badger and drummer Kevin “F-Fig” Figueiredo – are looking for Extreme-friendly windows in their schedules. “Hopefully we can start working on the new Extreme record before the end of the year,” he said. “We will fill you in as things progress.”

The band recently played their 1990 classic Pornograffiti in its entirety in shows in Japan, and they also hit up a few new markets including Russia and China. “We didn’t know what to expect but the fans were incredible,” Bettencourt wrote, before adding, “Don’t worry Brazil… we did not forget about you…. we are still planning on coming there soon and are just working out the details with the promoter.”

Of course Nuno has been quite busy lately with what some of us might consider a pretty sweet day job: guitarist for pop megastar Rihanna.