Don Felder has been speaking about his new solo album Road To Forever. It is his first solo album since 1983. Speaking to MusicRadar’s Joe Bosso, Felder recounts his childhood guitar influences and friends, including some names you may not know Felder knew.

Don Felder“I grew up in Gainesville, Florida, and there was an unusual number of unique talents that grew up there,” says Felder. “Stephen Stills and I had a band together when we were 14, 15 years old. Tommy Petty is a few years younger than me – he was one of my guitar students. Duane and Gregg Allman lived in Daytona, but they would come to Gainesville and play in all the battle of the bands against us. They did all the fraternities and parties at the University of Florida.

"I first encountered electric slide guitar from Duane Allman. I became very good friends with him; in fact, I sat on the floor of his mother's house in Daytona, and he showed me how to play slide guitar, the tunings and positions. I never wanted to emulate and copy Duane, but I learned my foundation from him. He was brilliant, of course. I stole everything I could from him – and Petty stole everything he could from me!”

Felder plays his ’57 Gibson Les Paul on the album, along with a whole lot more. "I have just a little under 300 guitars, all the way back to the ones I had in high school – I never sold them or traded them. With the exception of a few that have been stolen, I have just about every guitar that I ever bought. Each one has its own character and sound and feel and voice, and you have to make sure that each guitar has its own space on a record, or else it turns to mud.”