Former Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts has lambasted Brothers drummer Butch Trucks over remarks the latter made about the late Duane Allman. As reported earlier, Trucks recently told Relix magazine that Duane became infuriated the first time he saw Robert Plant on-stage at a 1969 Led Zeppelin performance.

Specifically, Trucks said: “Robert Plant starts running all over the stage with his velvet pants on, and we were all looking at each other, [like] 'What the f**k is this?' It was as much about the ballet and the costumes as about the music, if not more so …. Duane got up and said, ‘I'm either going to go up there and kick the f**k out of that guy or we're leaving.’ And we all got up and left. It just infuriated Duane. He was so let down by one of his gods.”

Betts, however, tells a different story. Speaking to the New York Post, the guitarist said: "I know Duane didn't feel that way and never said that. We loved [Jimmy] Page and those guys. It's ludicrous. And it's not fair to Duane Allman, who has passed away and can't speak for himself. He had his velvet pants himself."

Betts, who left the Allman Brothers in 2000 in a bitter split, went on to say he spoke up because he doesn’t want people to think Duane  "narrow-minded and edgy … I wanted to stand up for my brother." Betts is touring this summer with his band, Great Southern.