Bush Chris Traynor by Joseph Lanes

Bush guitarist Chris Traynor recently spoke with Gibson.com about why he opts for Gibsons and only Gibsons on the road and when recording.

Traynor’s go-to guitar is a Les Paul, and he also makes use of a few Explorers.

Why does Traynor gravitate toward Gibsons?

“Gibsons are solid guitars. They had a deeper sound and a more connected sound,” Traynor said. “The image of a Gibson to me is iconic. All the guitar players that I’ve gravitated to – Slash when I was in high school, Jimmy Page when I was growing up, Peter Green – most of the people I looked up to played Gibsons.

“To me, it’s the guitar that looks right. It’s the guitar that looks like rock and roll. Without it, it just doesn’t feel right.

“When I plug in, they have a low end, and it’s funny to say it this way, but my guitar tech and I always say that ‘Gibsons have more ass,’” he laughed. “Gibsons have this low end that no other modern guitar gets. Other guitars seem to be half a guitar compared to Gibson.”

Check back next week for Gibson.com’s full interview with Traynor.

Photo: Joseph Lanes