Blur continued their comeback with an intimate show at London’s 100 Club, August 2. The 100 Club, in London’s Oxford Street, became renowned from the ‘60s to the punk era, and was recently saved from closure. It holds just 350 people.

Blur’s show took place as part of the on-going series of “Converse Represent” shows at the iconic venue, which has also seen performances by Paul Weller, among others.

Blur concentrated on older “Britpop” era material from the early 1990s. From 1993’s Modern Life is Rubbish album alone, the band played “Advert,” “Colin Zeal,” “Oily Water” and “For Tomorrow.” After just an hour, Blur closed with new track “Under the Westway.” They didn’t play an encore.

Bassist Alex James told the NME, “there's nothing like the feeling playing really loud music in a hot, sweaty room with people going crackers."

Referring to the choice of setlist, which omitted the band’s more epic favourites like “Song 2,” “This is a Low,” “Tender” and “The Universal,” James added: "It's a good chance to try stuff out, because I don't think you can really play two b-sides at Hyde Park.”

Blur play Hyde Park on August 12 for the London 2012 Olympics closing gig. At the 100 Club Blur played:

“Girls and Boys”
“Young And Lovely”
“Colin Zeal”
“Oily Water”
“The Puritan”
“Trimm Trabb”
“For Tomorrow”
“Under the Westway”