Bill Ward recently sat down with the Times Record and took a look back at his years behind the kit in Black Sabbath. The 62-year-old drummer recalled the making of some of the band’s best-loved albums.

“We enjoyed making the Paranoid album back then,” Ward said. “We rehearsed for a lot of tours in Wales, and the songs ‘Electric Funeral’ and ‘Hand of Doom’ were written in Wales. Those were good, really happy times. We were young men, fit and strong.”

Ward’s memories of the recording of Heaven and Hell are not as rosy.

“1980 was a rough period for me, but not because of Ronnie, God bless his heart. I was having a tough time with the alcohol and drugs I was using at that time. I obviously don't remember a whole lot, and I was so ill then that I had to be guided through the recording of the album, mostly by Tony. He would cue me because I was losing the plot.”

He continued, “I was blacked out most of the time we were doing that album. I do remember ‘Lonely is the Word’ and doing the song, ‘Heaven and Hell,’ which is one of my favorite songs from that period with Ronnie.”

Ward cleaned up in time for Born Again, the band’s one album with former (and future) Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan.

“I was completely clean and sober for it. (Born Again) was the complete opposite experience of Heaven and Hell. I really enjoyed playing drums on Born Again. It was a good feeling about being alive. There was a good energy there about being sober.”

As for another Sabbath reunion, Ward remains open.

“Everyone has an open mind about touring again, but right now, everyone is doing different projects. But I’d love to do another album and tour with the Sabs. It keeps me fresh and going.”

In the meantime, Ward is working on a solo release, Accountable Beasts, due out later this year.