Beatles fanatics are marking today as very important. It is 50 years to the day that debut hit “Love Me Do” was released.

There has been much media coverage. In The Guardian, The Beatles’ only authorized biographer Hunter Davies writes a think piece about how The Beatles were initially seen as “banal.”

“I did once talk to John about “Love Me Do,” Davies writes. “Nice song, neat bit of harmonica playing, but come on, the words are banal. Imagine rhyming "you" and "do" and "true". How corny, couldn't you have tried harder?

“I think “Strawberry Fields” had just come out, and people were overanalysing every word, which was beginning to annoy him. He maintained that the words of “Love Me Do” were just as meaningful as “Strawberry Fields” or any other later, supposed cleverer, more literate, more complicated lyrics. Words were words. You just say them. Or sing them.”

And in Liverpool, England, today “Love Me Do” broke a world record. A choir of more than 1,600 Beatles fans gathered to sing the song. The record of 1,631 people singing in a round was confirmed by a Guinness World Records adjudicator. The previous best of 897 voices was set in Chicago in 2011.

Was “Love Me Do” an instant revelation? Not really. It peaked at #17 in the U.K. singles chart. More about “Love Me Do”.