Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains have debuted their new track "Hollow" today on their official website, and keen-eyed fans have already heard a brief snippet.

A 30-second section of the song was posted on Amazon, but it was taken down pretty quickly. Not quick enough though: Loudwire heard it and said "The brief clip finds the band mining familiar territory, with trudging guitars and moody vocals leading the way."

The band have been slowly feeding out lyrics from the song on their official Instagram account, and they've been gathering fan pics related to or inspired by the word 'hollow.' Those pics will be incorporated in the presentation of the song.

The new Alice In Chains album has been completed and is awaiting a 2013 release. It doesn't have a release date yet, but it'll be the band's second with William DuVall on co-lead-vocals. Work on the album was delayed after guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell had to take time out for surgery related to bone spur and cartilage issues in his shoulders.