Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner, one of the great sidemen in the history of rock. He’s played with superstars like Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith and KISS and now, according to Music-News.com the musician has written an exceptional autobiography, Not Only Women Bleed, Vignettes From the Heart of a Rock Musician.

Alice Cooper contributes the foreword and says: "I first saw Dick Wagner while he was playing with the Frost in Detroit, and quickly I filed him under “guitar players I’d like to steal.” Later I had the great pleasure of adding him to the Welcome To My Nightmare touring band, where along with Steve Hunter they became known as the "Dynamic Duo," a name given to them by Steven Tyler.  He considers them two to be the best tandem American guitar players in Rock N Roll.  But Dick isn't JUST a guitar player... He’s a gifted writer, and I wrote most of the post Alice Cooper Hits with him...." 

Not Only Women Bleed, Vignettes From the Heart of a Rock Musician is available as an e-book and the hardback edition includes two CDs of music.

Earlier this year Wagner spoke to Gibson.com about his affection for Gibson guitars: “Right now my favorite guitar is a 1968 Les Paul Standard. That’s my primary guitar. I also have a Black Beauty as my backup. I used to have a huge collection of guitars, back when I was truly obsessed, but I’ve cut that down some and there’s only a few guitars I actually use. And that ’68 Les Paul is the most beautiful. It’s got a voice… well, it’s hard to describe it, it’s so beautiful. It’s right up there with any of the ’50s Les Pauls. You plug that thing in and it just sings. You can’t help but play good.”

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