Boston rockers Aerosmith performed in their hometown on Monday as part of a televised event billed as "Vote This Way." The concert took place outside of 1325 Commonwealth Avenue, an apartment building that the band lived in when they first formed in the early seventies. The set included "Movin' Out," the first song Steven Tyler and Joe Perry wrote together. When the band arrived at the stage, Perry pointed to a second story window in the building, saying: "Right where that young, beautiful blonde is was my bedroom."

Aerosmith performed on top of an open tractor-trailer in the middle of the street. Thousands showed up to the event, and the band were introduced on stage by Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, along with quarterback Tom Brady, and linebacker Jerod Mayo. The band's ten song set focused mainly on classic Aerosmith songs, starting with their cover of Rufus Thomas' "Walking The Dog." But they did play the songs "Lover A lot" and "Oh Yeah" from the new album Music From Another Dimension, which is out today on Columbia Records.