Iron Maiden Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith says he's considering releasing the instrumental album he shelved half a decade ago.

In an interview with's Mitch Lafon, the guitarist says the still-in-the-can album - a collaboration with a keyboard player - was a lot of fun to record, and may possibly see the light of day some day. But for now the guitarists' focus is divided between Iron Maiden and his new band, Primal Rock Rebellion, which snowballed from two song demos with SikTh singer Mikee Goodman into an entire album.

"It has a life of its own," Smith said of his side band. “I ended up writing with [Goodman], but I didn’t know that it was going to turn into an album. If anything, it was more his solo album to start with me producing and writing, but then it became more of a joint project. It just sort of grew really.”

The result is Awoken Broken, released earlier this year. But Smith isn't sure yet if there will be a follow-up album, and there are no plans to take the band on tour. Smith: “It was never the intention to make it a touring band,” he said. “There’s not a band as such. We’d have to find members and to recreate the album live - would take a little bit of doing, so there are no plans at the moment.”

Goodman has utilized his skills as a filmmaker to create videos for the tracks "No Place Like Home" and "No Friendly Neighbour," with a third video on the way for the song "Tortured Tone."