Zakk Wylde-fronted Black Label Society release their new album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican, on April 8. The release marks the band’s first all-new LP since 2009’s The Order of the Black.

Wylde says the writing process for the upcoming album started with riffs on the road.

“If we’re on the road, I’m usually the first one down and first one up, because I don’t drink,” he told “So, I’ll get up in the morning, and I’ll start running scales. Then, I’ll start playing mellow tunes, like Creedence Clearwater or Bob Seger—acoustic stuff. So, I’ll get song ideas on the road. Then, when I get home, every day, I’ll go into the studio and get inspired to write riffs.”

Wylde and company recorded Catacombs of the Black Vatican in Wylde’s home studio, aptly named the Black Vatican.

“Well, seeing I’m a fine, outstanding Irish Catholic, the name fit!” he said. “I used to have a home studio and called it the Bunker, originally. Then, when Ozzy had his studio, he started calling it that. So, I had to rename mine, so I just started calling it the Vatican. I painted it black because we’re Black Label Society. I mean, if I was Jimi Hendrix, I would paint it purple! We’re Black Label Society, so I had to paint it black.”

Zakk Wylde

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Photo credit: Justin Reich.