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Black Label Society’s long-talked-about Unblackened DVD will now be filmed March 6 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The set is planned to contain intimate versions of some of BLS’s most popular songs, as well as songs from mainman Zakk Wylde's solo album Book of Shadows and his short-lived Southern rock band Pride & Glory.

The show will feature Wylde on guitar and piano, alongside the members of BLS, as well as a four-piece string section, pedal steel, and special guests. The concert will be broadcast live exclusively on AXS TV. A CD/DVD will be released later in 2013.

Wylde told California radio station 107.7 The Bone and AXS TV, “This is something we haven't done yet, and we wanted to give our fans something new. You can take a song that you've played thousands of times and rearrange it, and all of a sudden it's something totally fresh. The attitude of the songs doesn't change when we play them acoustically — the tunes are gritty regardless.”

Wylde adds, “We’re gonna do the whole thing with a four-piece string section, a pedal steel guy, and I'm gonna have some of my musician buddies sit in on some of the songs and stuff like that. We're gonna have two solid weeks of rehearsal and then we're gonna knock this thing out. [It will be an] acoustic/electric type of thing… almost kinda like if Pink Floyd was doing an unplugged thing and they did “Comfortably Numb” but Dave [Gilmour] will be sitting down but he'll still rip that solo out. It'll still be electric and then we’ll have the string section behind it and the whole band and it'll be killer.”

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