Gibson Moderne

All right, Zakk Wylde fans. There’s a new Wylde guitar for your arsenal.

Today (Oct. 16), Gibson Brands, Inc., unveiled the limited-edition Zakk Wylde Moderne of Doom. The guitar is based on the legendary, yet never released, third member of the Modernist Series of the late 1950s: the Gibson Moderne.

Intended to complement the revolutionary Explorer and Flying V, the Moderne never saw the light of day, though rumors of existing examples persist to this day. In the hands of Gibson USA, the radical Moderne style taken from factory design sketches of 1958 unfolds as an unrelenting, flamethrowing modern-rock tone machine.

Production is limited to 250 guitars, so secure yours before it’s snatched u p.

For more on this beauty of a guitar, visit Moderne of Doom Gibson page .

Wylde recently chatted with Gibson about his love for the Gibson brand.

“Being a kid, it’s the coveted grail,” he said. “When see all your favorite players playing a Gibson Les Paul. Obviously, seeing Jimmy Page play one was a huge influence on me, and obviously Saint Rhoads – Randy. That was the thing: to try to get a Les Paul. I just love the body shape of it, the sound of it. To me, it’s a perfect guitar. Les Pauls, you have the custom guys and the standard guys. Like, Slash is strictly a standard guy. But other guys, like Randy and me, I just love the way a custom is, for the style of music that I do. But, I have a bunch of standards, as well. I think for that classic rock tone, it can’t be beat.”