ZZ Top Billy Gibbons says fans probably won’t have to wait as long between ZZ Top albums as they did during the nine-year gap between Mescalero in 2003 and La Futura in 2012.

In an interview with The Morning Call, Gibbons said the band recorded so many tracks with megaproducer Rick Rubin for La Futura that there was enough left over to form the basis of a new album. “We're still looking at a lot of the material that remains unreleased that was created during those sessions with Rick," Gibbons said, adding, “Who knows, there's a lot of good stuff laying around.”

Gibbons also offered a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there was such a long gap between albums: it simply wasn’t ready yet because Rubin didn’t want to rush it. “It would be safe to say one of the most admirable traits that has endeared our band with Rick is his remarkable sense of patience,” Gibbons said. “Rick is in no way going to get set into motion where it may be hasty or hurried. He really is sincere when he works with any artist, of which there have many.”