Mick Jagger

Brazilian World Cup fans inclined toward superstition are blaming the so-called “Jagger Curse” for the 7-1 drubbing their team suffered against Germany in the semi-final.

Prior to the match, fans implored the Stones singer not to attend, citing a run of bad luck that began in 2010, when the rocker was in the stands to witness England’s 4-1 defeat (ironically, also at the hands of Germany).

The alleged jinx has since played out in remarkably consistent fashion, as teams Jagger has rooted for—or for whom he’s predicted victory—have fallen like proverbial dominos. Brazilian model Luciana Giminez, with whom the singer has a 15-year-old son, defended Jagger, saying, “He’s been successful for 50 years and is a good friend and father to my son.” Credit at least one fan for having a more plausible explanation for Brazil’s defeat. “They don’t have the moves like Jagger,” he tweeted.