Two years ago, Wolfmother's eponymous first album—a propulsive fusion of Zeppelin and Sabbath, shrieks and yowls—came rocketing out of Australia, and stayed lodged for 30 weeks on a Billboard chart otherwise barren of classic rock. This week, Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale announced that the hard rockin' foursome have already laid down 10 tracks for their follow-up. Of the album, Stockdale told Rolling Stone, "It's kind of cinematic and it's kind of epic, but there's also this fully aggressive side that's undeniably explosive."

Stockdale told Gibson early this year that he developed the first of the new tracks on his own, in a Brisbane studio last Christmas. "All the stuff I just kind of did by myself," he said. "That’s me playing drums, and guitars, and bass. We had two months off over Christmas, and I  had all these ideas. I just opened the phone book and went into this little studio in Brisbane. They had no air conditioning. It was this little shack next to car yards, and I just went in there and started putting ideas out there. I wanted to find out what you could do in a crappy little studio in the middle of nowhere. The tools are there for everyone. Rock and roll is not rocket science. The resources are always there." —Ellen Mallernee