Papa Roach

Vinyl is a hot craze that doesn’t seem to be going away, and Papa Roach is the latest band to get in on the nostalgic action. The modern rock band will release their 2000 album Infest and their 2002 record Lovehatetragedy on vinyl for the very first time on Sept. 8.

Infest is Papa Roach’s signature record and features the band’s chart-topping single, "Last Resort." Papa Roach unleashed Lovehatetragedy two years later, and the hard-rocking collection just passed the 15-year mark. The latter album boasts the rock hits "She Loves Me Not" and "Time and Time Again."

The vinyl edition of Infest will feature the hidden song, "Tightrope," as well as the tune "Legacy," which was only released on the international edition of the original record.

Papa Roach unleashed their newest album, “Crooked Teeth,” last month.

Papa Roach’s Infest and Lovehatetragedy Vinyl Edition Track List:

Side A
"Last Resort"
"Broken Home"
"Dead Cell"
"Between Angels and Insects"
"Blood Brothers"

Side B
"Never Enough"
"Thrown Away"

Side A
"M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)"
"Life Is a Bullet"
"Time and Time Again"
"Walking Thru Barbed Wire"
"Decompression Period"
"Born with Nothing, Die with Everything"

Side B
"She Loves Me Not"
"Singular Indestructible Droid"
"Black Clouds"
"Code of Energy"