Red Fang

Portland stone-metal act Red Fang aren’t really known for their love of fine wine. In fact, given their less than subtle videos – one features them escaping from a horde of beer-drinking zombies in a beer delivery van – you’d assume they’re more of a beer-swilling collective.

As it turns out, the band’s drummer John Sherman is somewhat of a wine connoisseur and knows a little bit about his grapes. Sherman was a frequent visitor at the Teutonic Wine Company, which makes Alpine-style wines. According to Sherman, “We do drink beer, but I personally prefer wine and consequently, I’ve always wanted to make a Red Fang wine. To meet winemakers who also dig heavy music was a dream come true. The first time I went to Teutonic’s tasting room, they were playing Saxon on vinyl and I said to myself, ‘These are my people.’”

Sherman’s dream has now been realised with the upcoming launch of Teutonic’s Red Fang Red, which is, according to Williamette Week, “a fruitily acidic blend of pinot, skin-contact gew├╝rztraminer and tannat, a big-bodied grape winery co-owner Olga Tuttle declared the most metal of grapes.”

The wine will be launched at the Red Fang Red Release party on January 13 in Portland, Oregon, with the band in attendance and Sherman playing his favourite metal selections. Go here for more details.