Lzzy Hale with Gibson Explorer

Country music was introduced to Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale on June 5, when she performed “That’s Damn Rock ‘n’ Roll” with Eric Church at the CMT Awards in Nashville.

Billboard called it “one of the highlights of the evening.” USA Today included the performance in the "five best highlights from the CMT Awards,” arguing that “Church and the Halestorm frontwoman turned this tune from Church’s The Outsiders album into a barnburner reminiscent of AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.”

Both Hale and Church had their favorite Gibsons strapped-on.

Earlier this week, Hale told MusicRadar.com that she still loves her signature white/gold Gibson Explorer. “I wanted to take the [James] Hetfield influence and take the classy white and gold colour scheme of mine. I tried to get all of my influences on one guitar, it was tough.

“On tour I also have a Les Paul Supreme and a Les Paul Baritone that I use for our Drop B stuff. The last guitar I received was a birthday present from our guitar player and it was an SG, my first SG. It was the one rock ‘n’ roll standard that I didn’t have.”

Watch Hale and Church at the CMT Awards.

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