At $27.50, the Gibson L-00 model acoustic was the least expensive guitar offered by Gibson when the instrument was first introduced by the company back in 1931. That’s one of many revelations put forth in a lengthy profile of a 1933 L-00 acoustic featured recently on the Vintage Guitar website. The article, which includes photos of the guitar (made under factory work order #467) goes on to describe the guitar’s many desirable attributes, which offered tremendous bang for the buck.


“Though the L-00 was inexpensive when new, it was built to excellent standards of quality,” the article notes, “utilizing good materials including Adirondack spruce top, mahogany neck, back, and sides, and Brazilian rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Although it lacks fancy ornamentation, this guitar is lightweight, facilitating a lively response and excellent tone. Proper design is first and foremost for producing excellent tone and playability, with ornamental workmanship being a secondary factor. The L-00 combines excellent design with very good structural workmanship and materials.”

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