Vince Neil

Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil is currently laid up in hospital in Sydney, Australia after surgery to remove kidney stones — but in true Crüe style he plans to be onstage soon.
The band were forced to cut short their set in Sydney on Sunday night during their tour with Thin Lizzy and KISS. After Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), Tommy Lee and Mick Mars performed their solo sections and the band finished off with Live Wire.
Neil was then rushed straight to hospital. Sources say he'd been doubled over in pain before the show the previous night too.
Neil checked in on Twitter after his operation to let fans know he's alright. "Just out of surgery," he wrote. "Spent night in hospital probably have to again tonight. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers. Doc says I should have a full recovery and be back onstage for the Brisbane show tomorrow. Thanks to my bandmates and crew for your support!"