L.A. Guns

2017 was a banner year for L.A. Guns fans, as singer Phil Lewis reunited with Tracii Guns to record a new album with the band’s classic lineup. Released in October, The Missing Peace has been hailed by many as a glorious throwback to the group’s late ‘80s heyday.

Recently, Guitar World shared Tracii Guns’ responses to some of the publication’s readers’ questions.” Asked to explain how the new album came together, Guns replied, “The greatest thing about not doing new L.A. Guns music for over 10 years was being able to look at what L.A. Guns really is, musically. And the strongest element of L.A. Guns is that sleaze/hair metal kind of dark thing that we did. Taking some elements of punk rock and mixing them with classic rock and speeding all that [stuff] up.”

Guns went on to describe a few of the songs as “snotty riff-rock,” adding that some of the music was culled from material he originally wrote for Quiet Riot in 2005. Naturally, one reader asked about the gear used on the album. After describing his various amps and pedals, Guns revealed he pretty much stuck to just one guitar.

“The main guitar I used for everything wasn’t even my own guitar,” he said. “My tech has a really nice Gibson R9 [1959 Les Paul Reissue] with Bare Knuckle The Mule pickups in it. It sounded great.”