2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for Toto. A new compilation album – featuring three unreleased songs and one new track – will be released in February, and a 40th anniversary world tour is set to kick off that same month.

“We’re still here, man, and I’m proud of that,” co-founder Steve Lukather recently told Billboard. “We’ve taken every punch known to man … running up a vertical glass mountain with butter on our feet for 40 years, hanging on for dear life. We were never cool; in fact, we were the antithesis of that. We were studio musicians [who] studied our instruments. Since when is being good at what you do a deficit?”


Also in the works is a limited edition boxed set featuring remastered editions of all of Toto’s albums. Previously unreleased material will be included with the set as well.

“The next couple of years could be the hugest in the history of the band,” observes Lukather. “People are looking at us differently now. We're getting some respect for what we've done over the years.”

Click here to listen to “Alone,” a new track featured on the forthcoming compilation album, 40 Trips Around the Sun.