Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath wrapped up their “The End” tour this past Saturday (Feb. 4), but Tony Iommi says the future could hold more activity for the band. Speaking with Planet Rock, the guitarist said, "I'm going to miss playing on stage because that has been my whole life, the band and playing on stage. I like [playing on stage] and I'm sure it's not going to end like that; I'm sure we might do a one-off show somewhere. It's just the touring for me--it's time to stop roaming the world and be at home for a bit... I'm still going to write and put stuff out."

Iommi then went a step further. Asked if Sabbath’s recording days are over, he replied, "No, I don't think we've ruled anything out apart from me not wanting to tour any more on that scale, but who knows, we may do something.

"We haven't spoken about it. That's another thing--we haven't talked about anything, really, that's to do with what's going to happen afterwards. But I'm sure something can happen somewhere.”