Tony Iommi

Back in January 2012, the Black Sabbath guitarist was diagnosed with early-stage lymphoma, and even as the band toured in 2013 he continued to undergo treatment.

Now, in a message posted on his website, Iommi says the worst effects of those treatments should soon be over. “We’ve some good things lined up for the coming year,” Iommi writes, “firstly the Grammys, then some dates in the U.S. and Canada, and in the summer a quick trip round Europe. I should also be finishing my regular treatment and I’m hoping to not get so tired, all positive.”

Iommi also conveyed his best wishes to fans during the coming year. “… After such a brilliant 2013, it's going to be difficult to match it this year but we’ll be having a go,” he promises. “Many thanks to you all for your continued support, we’d be nothing without you.”