Black Sabbath

No one seems more surprised than Ozzy Osbourne by the resounding success of Black Sabbath’s new album, 13. In a just-published interview with London’s The Telegraph, the Sabbath frontman said, “This has really freaked me out. I knew it was a [expletive] good album, but when somebody just told me it’s gone top in 50 countries -- I didn’t know there were 50 countries, and I’m number one in all of them!” Osbourne admitted it was his outsized ego that scuttled the band’s attempt to record eleven years ago. “I was riding on this cloud of being television’s new megastar for five minutes,” he explained. “I was doing well on my own, so it took me a while to get that balanced out in my head. I mean, it’s not Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. It’s [expletive] Black Sabbath. It’s different from me doing my own thing.” Ironically, Tony Iommi’s lymphoma diagnosis actually helped solidify the 13 project. “The funny thing is, my whole situation finally got us cracking and brought us all more together,” said the guitarist. “Everybody realized, like, wow, what could happen here.”