Motley Crue

Tommy Lee has explained his current refusal to participate in band meet-and-greet sessions while on tour in Australia.

Lee says, "For those of you that are asking why I am not doing anymore meet and greets: It's got nothing to do with me not wanting to meet the fans, I just don't agree with doing it under the certain given circumstances. I love u all and I'll gladly high five y'all if I see u out n about - and u won't have to pay me for that." We'll point out that he capped off that last sentence with a winky-face emoticon. He then followed that message up by tweeting 'Virtual high 5's for all!'

Lee seems to be missing the grittiness and realness of Mötley Crüe’s early days. A few days ago he tweeted a series of messages:

"How to kill a vibe in 1.2 secs! Whip out your [expletive] cell, turn the flash on too or shoot video with the light on the whole time! It's not the pictures that bother me! It's the boring [expletive] standing there taking pics and not being in the moment of what's happening!"

And he has a point: why spend all that money on a concert ticket if you're going to view it through your cellphone screen instead of enjoying it? It's not like cellphone videos are even high enough quality to justify the robbing yourself of the memory of the experience in the aim of recording a memento of it. I'm with Tommy on this one.

The band is currently touring Australia with Thin Lizzy and KISS. KISS fans on this tour will have the option of paying for various meet & greet packages, including ones where they get to purchase Paul Stanley's stage-used microphone or stage-smashed guitar, and another where they can attend a lunch and speaking engagement featuring Gene Simmons.