Tom Petty

When Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers played at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles over the weekend, the show came to an abrupt end. After about 90 minutes Petty was told by a fire marshal that the floor of the venue was 100 people over capacity. Petty announced this to the crowd, and jokingly asked if there were 100 people that would consider leaving voluntarily. This prompted members of the Heartbreakers to raise their hands, all in good fun. According to Rolling Stone, Petty concluded by saying "I’ve done my job, now I’m gonna do what I do best," before launching in to "Melinda."

That song would unfortunately turn out to be the last song of the night. After finishing up "Melinda," Petty announced, "We’re being told we have to go." As soon as the band left the stage and the house lights came on, the cheering crowd started booing. The band released a statement following the concert in which they said that the number of tickets sold was not greater than the permitted capacity of the venue. The statement concluded by saying: "We are as frustrated as you are. We are still investigating all details of last night’s situation and will keep you informed. We are working with the venue, the promoter and the fire marshal to ensure this problem will not repeat itself."