Rockstars naming their offspring after their own heroes is no new thing. Just ask Nile Marr (after dad Johnny’s hero Nile Rodgers) or Lennon Gallagher (after dad Liam’s favorite member of the Rolling Stones... or something.)

But wait. Tom Morello has told WRIF’s Meltdown podcast his first son is named after one of Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarists. And it’s not Jake E Lee. As reported by Ultimate-Guitar, Morello told Meltdown over the phone, “My first-born son is named Rhoads Morello, after Randy Rhoads. My second born son Roman is here right now, doing his best to distract me from this interview.

“So, yeah, Randy Rhoads, it was a poster I had in my dorm room. When I was practicing eight hours a day, that was my principal inspiration.” Morello continued, “I had a chance to play with Ozzy! I've rocked 'Mr Crowley' with Ozzy! Let me tell ya... Randy Rhoads is my favorite of all time, that was quite a moment. Whenever a great musician passes it’s such a shame. It's just a shame to lose anyone.”

Rhoads has been cited by Morello as a true inspiration many times before. He has previous told MusicRadar, “By the time Randy had passed, I don’t think that I had the ability to play his songs. That came later. But I did spend about nine months learning the song Diary of a Madman. For any guitar player, it’s challenging. But for a beginning player, that's a massive, Herculean undertaking.”

Prophets of Rage

“What's interesting is, when I stopped trying to sound like Randy Rhoads and realized that what I loved about him was that he had a sound that was completely unique and was a representation of him as an artist, that's what inspired me to find my own unique voice as an artist. So, I attribute it all to him.”

Morello’s new band with Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Prophets of Rage, releases its self-titled debut album on September 15. In January 2017, Randy Rhoads was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History for “defining Heavy Metal lead guitar.” We trust young Rhoads Morello knows he has a lot to live up to!