The Who

As a complement to the deluxe version of Tommy that was just released, Universal Music has developed what they call "the world's first-ever digital box set." The app is available to download for free through iTunes for smart phones and tablets.

In the app the user can enjoy the first five songs from Tommy for free. You can listen to samples of the remaining songs or purchase them through iTunes for use in the app. The main focus of the app is the book written by Richard Barnes. The first chapter including photographs is available for free while the rest of the book can be downloaded through an in-app purchase.

The Tommy app also include the original album artwork by Mike McInnerney, which can be viewed with remarkable detail and clarity, all while listening to the album if you've purchased it. There are also five live videos included from The Who's Live At The Coliseum '69 concert, including "See Me Feel Me." For those who want to challenge their inner Pinball Wizard, there is a pinball game in the app based on the poster for the band's NYC Metropolitan Opera House gig in 1970.