Andy Summers

Circa Zero is the name of The Police’s Andy Summers’ new band. He’s joined by multi-instrumentalist Rob Giles of the band The Rescues and drummer Emmanuelle Caplette. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Summer says the trio have a full album recorded and mastered, but are undecided how to release the songs.

“There’s a lot of interest, but it’s like everything else now – should we do this or should we do that, go the internet route or go a different route?” says Summers. “But we want to get it out pretty soon because we finished the record – it’s completely mastered.”

Rob Giles adds that Summer is back blazing on guitar. “All our songs trudge like rock. There’s one that’s an odd time [signature], the ballad, but it’s not a power ballad about a girl so much. Everything else is really full energy, not that that one isn’t.

“As a fan of Andy’s I enjoy all of his solo work, but f*** that – he gets to rock, and we haven’t heard this virtually ever.”

Summers adds, of the songs: “They’ve all got a lot of energy. It's almost an album with 10 or 11 singles. They've all got strong attitudes and hooks, which is what we were intending to write.”