The Kinks are being forced to set the record straight once again regarding who played the main guitar riff on their 1964 classic, “You Really Got Me.”

As reported by Rolling Stone, a new BBC Radio 2 documentary has revived the long-ago debunked myth that Jimmy Page was the man behind the song’s innovative distorted guitar sound.

Even Page himself has denied he played on the track. “BBC tells lies about Dave Davies and The Kinks in their new documentary,” wrote Dave Davies on Facebook, urging fans to tweet the show's producer Kellie Redmond and host Danny Baker.

“I, Dave Davies, invented the distorted guitar sound and played the solo on ‘You Really Got Me’ and Ray Davies played rhythm guitar. We never used ANY other guitarists on any Kinks hits.”

This year marks The Kinks’ 50th anniversary as a band. A reunion tour has been discussed, but thus far there’s been no indication such a tour is in the works.

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