The Darkness

We should all be thankful to bands like The Darkness who gleefully help us ignore reality and power on, simply riding on the positivity of good ‘ol rock ‘n’ roll.

In the video for their new single ‘All The Pretty Girls’, the British rock act employ every absurd tool possible – tractors, banana boats, surfing with guitars, a fair amount of spandex and tons of cheesy fun – to bring us a video that (in their words), will “distract you from the humdrum banality of existence. By looking at film of The Darkness preening and cavorting, you will be transported to an unattainable world of awesomeness.”

A few weeks ago, The Darkness announced their fifth album Pinewood Smile, set to release on October 10th. In addition, they’re also set to release a documentary, based on the band’s career, antics and adventures, sometime in 2018. The Darkness have also released details of their upcoming U.K. and Europe tour, scheduled to take place from October through December. Go here for more details.