As part of its ‘Historic Hardware’ series, Music Radar just featured what is referred to as “the Stradivarius of electric guitars,” the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard series.

Les Paul

The article talks about the evolution of the Gibson Les Paul Standard, from the ‘Model’ Series (better known as the ‘Goldtops’) to the renamed and re-colored Cherry Red Sunburst from 1958.

Given that the original run of Standards only lasted between 1958 and 1960, the guitars are now prized among collectors. According to Music Radar, “Certain methods of construction and materials that were originally employed are virtually irreplaceable, and of the guitars that remain, many are fetching perhaps the highest prices of any standard production electric guitar model.”

The article features one such ’59 Les Paul Standard, which was acquired for £279,000 by an anonymous buyer. According to the buyer, “It’s the Stradivarius of electric guitars and I thought, ‘One day, if only, I would love to own that piece of history!’ It has become such a famous instrument.” He went on to say, “To me, the people who played a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard made such great music – it’s such a beautiful instrument!”

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