A recent blog on the Ted Leo and the Pharmacists website addresses the singer/guitarist’s displeasure that his song “Mia and Me,” from 2004’s Shake the Sheets, has been widely used on the internet as the soundtrack to pro-anorexia and “thinspiration” videos. The song, reportedly about Leo’s friend Ana, who’s battled an eating disorder, is a Ted Leo staple and one of his most popular songs.

In a news item posted Tuesday, September 4, Leo writes, “If you truly believe that ‘you can never be too rich or too thin,’ then you are missing the point. In no way, shape, or form, do I support the seemingly eternal materialistic trend toward the Paris Hiltonization of life. In my experience, the issue is not an attempt to be a part of that world—that world is not the answer, and the ‘never too rich or too thin’ ideology is in EXACT opposition to the vision of a life that I have been trying to imagine for my entire life as one who imagines. Honestly? This whole thing brings me to tears.”

This public statement comes in the wake of Leo’s announcement that longtime Pharmacist bassist Dave Lerner had struck his last chords with the band. By all accounts, the departure is an amicable one; to honor the occasion, the Pharmacists even popped a cork of bubbly on stage at a recent Brooklyn concert. In anticipation of Leo’s amped-up fall tour, the Pharmacists have already named Young Pioneers bassist Marty Violence as Lerner’s replacement. Check www.tedleo.com for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ 35 fall dates.