Taylor Swift by FOG

Taylor Swift says her next album is “way ahead of schedule” and is different from Red. The 23-year-old star told Rolling Stone: “I’m so obsessed with where it is right now because I think, for me, the goal is that we start coming upon a sound that’s different from everything that we’ve done before, an identity to a new record.

She added, “Having come upon that so early in the process is just really thrilling.”

Swift won four prizes at the American Music Awards 2013 this week. Onstage she told her fans, “I cannot believe what you’ve done in the last year. This album came out almost exactly a year ago and the fact that six million of you went out and bought it is crazy.”

On November 26, Swift sang onstage with Jon Bon Jovi and the U.K’s Duke Of Cambridge (aka Prince William) at a London charity gala to raise money for the city’s homeless. Now, that’s “crazy.”

Photo - FOG.