Ever since the death of their iconic frontman Scott Weiland and the departure of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington from their touring line-up, there’s been a certain amount of speculation about the band’s choice for a (hopefully) permanent frontman.

While there have been numerous reports over the last 18 months, the band hasn’t confirmed that they’ve recruited one and have even denied some reports. The last rumor, from late last year, mentioned that the band’s members – Robert and Dean DeLeo, along with Eric Kretz – had locked on former X Factor finalist Jeff Butt as their new frontman. However, no official confirmation.

Now, according to Alternative Nation, former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo may have confirmed that a new singer is indeed locked in. Describing a rehearsal session that he was present at, Lenardo said, “Feeling blessed I just got to see my friends from Stone Temple Pilots play a really tight set of classics.” He went on to add, “I can’t comment on who’s singing but I can tell you he is one of the finest musicians and singers I’ve ever known. STP will reveal it in their own time.”

He even posted a photograph of Stone Temple Pilots’ set list, which included classics like ‘Interstate Love Song’, ‘Big Bang Baby’ and ‘Plush’. Stayed tuned, Stone Temple Pilot fans!

Stone Temple Pilots