Bruce Springsteen

Just in time for his upcoming tour Bruce Springsteen has announced that he will start offering audio downloads of each show. Fans will be able to purchase a USB wristband at the show, and within 48 hours they will be able to download a top quality audio copy of the concert to the wristband. Springsteen is following in the footsteps of Pearl Jam, who have given fans the opportunity to buy a live bootleg of the show they just saw for years.

Talking to NPR, Springsteen said: “I'd like to make things more available through the Internet," he said. "The Internet has become our friend . . . I think we live more in a Grateful Dead touring idea, that everything you do is recorded now. And that's OK with me, you know. As a matter of fact, I believe on this tour, we're starting to do something like you can come in, you can buy a [wrist] band, and you can get a copy of the night's show. So hopefully we're gonna do that at a really nice-quality level.”

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are starting their next tour on Sunday, January 26, with four shows in South Africa. The band then heads over to Australia and New Zealand. The only scheduled US appearance so far is New Orleans Jazz Fest on May 3.