Spin Doctors

Spin Doctors are getting ready to release their sixth studio album. If The River Was Whiskey is scheduled for a May 6 U.K. release. This time the quartet, who gained worldwide fame in the early nineties with songs like “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can't Be Wrong,” are going back to the blues that first inspired them to be a band.

Says singer Chris Barron on the band's website: “We all have a very deep reverence for the blues. It's the music that really is the roots of all we do. Last year, when we were performing Pocket Full of Kryptonite for the 20th Anniversary, we wanted to play "deep cuts" in the encore. When we asked some of our fans over there which tunes they wanted to hear, to our surprise, they wanted to hear the old blues stuff. Well... we had such a good time playing it, and it sounded so good, that we toyed around with the idea of making a blues record.”

Guitarist Eric Schenkman added: “We've always meant to make a blues record because we were originally a blues band, but we got known for a rock/pop record. So this past August, we went into Aaron's home studio intending to cut a live demo of a couple of our blues to test the waters with it...but we have so many original blues kicking around (old & new) that at the end of a great day of live recording, we had If the River was Whiskey.”

Spin Doctors have posted a five-song album teaser online, and if those songs are any indication for the rest of the album, it truly is down-and-dirty blues all the way. Drummer Aaron Comess, whose His House Studios was used for the recording, explained the band's roots: “Our brand of rock and roll stems directly from the blues and funk. I cut my teeth playing blues gigs in my hometown of Dallas Texas and Eric did as well in Toronto and then NYC. Mark grew up playing funk in NYC so the blues was like a close stepbrother to him. We all met up in NYC in 1988 and Chris had a handful of original blues songs, which we collaborated on to get work in New York […] To play the blues you must understand the language but more importantly play honest, truthful music from the heart. That is exactly what we did recording these songs in those few days in NYC.”