Slash has thrown his hat behind a new campaign to combat the slaughter of sharks. The guitarist has filmed a spot for Shark Friendly Marinas in which he explains the issue and urges his fans to get involved.

He says in his video, “Recent data shows that over 100 million sharks are being killed a year. That’s three sharks every second. That’s unsustainable and it’s not cool. We need sharks to have a healthy ocean. Please get involved by ending the harvest. Don't buy shark products, don't fish for sharks and if you happen to catch one, catch and release. Let it go.”

In the video, he’s playing a Gibson Les Paul and wearing a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath t-shirt, so you’d better listen to him.
Slash is well known for his love of animals. He’s had snakes as pets and serves as a board member at the Los Angeles Zoo, for which he has also filmed several promo spots. He told The Pulse Of Radio about his long-time involvement with the zoo. “Well, I've been an animal fanatic ever since I can remember, so when I moved to Los Angeles, it was just automatic that I would attach myself to the Los Angeles Zoo,” he said. “At some point a few years ago, a friend of mine, she's on the board at the L.A. Zoo, so she introduced me to the higher-ups over there and said, 'This is a perfect candidate for blah blah blah.' And so I've been hooked up with the zoo ever since.”

Here’s Slash campaigning for sharks...