One of Iceland’s top exports and definitely its coolest, Sigur Rós oozes mood even when they don’t say a word. It’s been nearly 15 years since the quartet first introduced their awe-inspiring, otherworldly sound—crafted in part by guitarist Jónsi Birgisson, who utilizes a cello bow heavy with resin and drenches his Gibson Les Paul in reverb—and on November 6, the band will celebrate their career thus far with the live double disc Hvarf/Heim. The album will also coincide with the release of Heima, a DVD of live concert footage captured last summer.

According to a recent press release from the band, the Heima shows were almost entirely word-of-mouth and took place in places as mystical and peculiar as their music, places such as “deserted fish factories, outsider art follies, far-flung community halls, sylvan fields, darkened caves and the huge horseshoe-shaped Asbyrgi canyon (formed, legend has it, by the hoofprint of Odin’s six-legged horse Sleipnir).”

Hvarf/Heim comprise 11 long-form songs, three of which have never been officially released, while six are live acoustic versions drawn from all four studio albums.