For her most recent album, Be Myself, Sheryl Crow went back to her roots, returning to the singer-songwriter style that launched her to stardom. Longtime co-writer Jeff Trott was instrumental in that decision. “My desire to have a fun recording experience like the old days kind of wound up with my old songwriting buddy Jeff [Trott] moving about three minutes from my house,” she recently told Music Radar. “We started getting together and it was fantastic--it felt like the second, third and fourth record. The next thing we knew we had 16 or 17 songs.”

Crow’s trusty Gibson Country Western acoustic guitar played a central role as well.

Sheryl Crow

“This record was a throwback to how Jeff and I always wrote,” she said. “It was him on a guitar and me on bass, and a programmer giving us some good beats. The big difference between this record and the last one was that this one was written with me on bass whereas the last record was more me with a pad and a pen. The heavier songs on this record were not written on an electric; it was Jeff playing my old Gibson Country Western through a really small tweed amp that made this gigantic sound.”

Crow went on to say the Gibson Country Western remains her go-to instrument for songwriting and live performance.

“I typically write on that same guitar. I’ve bought lots of nice guitars, but that guitar speaks to me. It’s a 1966 Country Western and I play that on the road as well. We have a model that has been patterned after that from Gibson, a Sheryl Crow Country Western I guess you would call it, and we use those on stage. They’re great guitars. It’s my go-to in the studio.”