Scott Weiland

Cerwin-Vega conducted an interview with Scott Weiland and his longtime producer Rocco Guarino a few months prior to Weiland’s death. The company is now releasing the interview in four installments, with the first one being posted last Friday (March 4) on Cerwin-Vega’s Facebook page.

In the first installment the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman share stories of his upbringing, and getting his start as a musician in Southern California.

“Probably the first band that really grabbed me was the Beatles. My father was a huge music fan. He turned me on to the Doors, he turned me on to Merle Haggard, he turned me on to the Beatles. His record collection was amazing. He was a huge influence on me,” said Weiland during the interview, which took place at Lavish Studios, Scott’s recording studio in Burbank, CA.

“When I was sixteen I formed my first band, with my friends in high school,” Scott continued. “We weren’t a cover band, we were an original band. We started out playing house parties, and then I started booking us shows at clubs.”

Visit Cerwin-Vega’s Facebook page to watch the interview with Scott Weiland.